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  • About Us

    Weifang Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private technical chemical enterprise; our business includes research, production and trade. Relying on experienced medium-grade and senor technicians, we now have the good ability to research and develop new technologies and products.

    At present, Weifang Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly produces citric acid ester, with the annual output of 12,000 tons; we are the biggest manufacturer in China for environment-friendly non-toxic plasticizer Triethyl citrate (TEC). Sticking to such operational policy of "To get your trusts by quality products, good price and honest business", we sell more and more products in China, and expand our business into international market.

    Limin promises that the quality of each of our products can rank the NO.1 position in Chinese or international market. Limin sincerely welcomes your visit, cooperation and business. Let's work together for mutual development.

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